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Creo Brand Understands the concerns that many people have in today’s tough economic climate on reducing costs. We pride ourselves on providing very low energy building solutions that do not significantly increase costs over and above more traditional building techniques. We understand that many People when considering building a new low energy home, do not understand the latest technologies available. 

We understand the climate chage and provide quality last technologies.
UK Creo Company

Net Zero Carbon Plannign Consultants.
Passive Buildings Engineers

Renewable Energy

We are renewable energy experts with highly hydrogen trained engenieers


Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Colin Wakefield

Founder & CEO

Alfonso Montiel

Strategic Development Manager

Abdelilah El Bakkali

Morocco Country Manager

Akni Majed

Country Manager Assistant


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Creo Houses in detail

A new standard of confort and quality with zero carbon emissions

Wall System Manufacturing

The standard wall elements consist of an inner and outer skin of EPS with an integral EPS web connecting both skins. Blocks are joined together horizontally using a castellated horizontal joint, with the perpendicular joints being butted together


Structural Aspects

 The system components have adequate strength to resist the loads associated with installation loading . Thermal insulation — the system contributes to the overall thermal performance of the wall construction

Thermal & Sound insulation — 

separating and internal walls with the minimum concrete core density and detailing stated in this Certificate will provide sufficient sound resistance.


Efficient designs

At Creo over the last decade we have noticed there has been increasing demand on builders, architects and government legislation to increase the thermal efficiency of our homes making them draught free and well insulated


Hydrogen powered

The idea of powering your home or business with hydrogen is a daunting and seemingly futuristic concept. However, Creo Hydrogen can make this less complicated than it may seem


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

We are expanding our company in Europe and Africa offering the latest technologies, you have the oportunity to grow with us .


Technology changes every day and our engeneering department is always incorporating new advances

Renewable Energy Experts

Engineers highly trained, we can provide a supply and install   service giving you complete peace of mind from start to finish.


More than 15 years working in clean energies and zero emissions, expertized on efficient homes 


Creo block system is one of the fastest way of building giving the opportunity to build in time with the lastest technologies.


We are a British Company with all european certificates on our products.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

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